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Dec 4, 2013 12:00pm EST
. >> the generosity of paul walker only learned about after he died. about a smart brock? a new technology could keep your weight down. and a major captioned by the national captioning institute sent both new at noon, the fbi is -- sent by new england, the fbi is discussing the impact of sequestration on its operations. that terrorists do not get furloughed. cyber hackers do not get furloughed. gang leaders do not get furloughed. this is an unacceptable thing to furlough active fbi agents. a $700fbi is projecting million cut in its 2014 budget, and agents are calling on congress to reach a deal. family filing a lawsuit against to government agencies and government on tractors. mary knight's family says that the agencies ignored red flag warnings about the mental stability of the navy yard shooter. this is the first lawsuit in the aftermath of the deadly shooting rampage. >> where people were killed in the train derailment this weekend and 60 others injured. driver caught himself too late. it was going 82 miles per hour during a 30 mile per hour turn. happening now -- first lady mic
Dec 2, 2013 12:00pm EST
at the beginning of the new year. could drag racing have caused the crash that killed actor paul walker? new details on the investigation into the death of the fast and. star. to outsmart scammers while you shop online today. is this the body of a woman who gave birth just 30 days ago? does she look like lacks now to a developing story out of hollywood -- new developments in the crash that killed paul walker. police say they received a tip that drag racing may have led to the crash on saturday. investigators had already ruled speed was a factor. now they are looking into whether another car veered in front of the porsche he was driving and caused the crash. shoppers right now are clicking their way through their holiday shopping be says of it is -- because it is cyber monday. .ere is a tip you should at least get free shipping. if you don't, you might want to spend your money elsewhere. don't do it while you are at work. the internet is crowded with websites that look legitimate it could be scamming you. you are about to see what happened when abc set out to buy designer handbags. the clerks
Dec 3, 2013 12:00pm EST
in the fire crash that killed actor paul walker. he died this weekend along with a friend who was driving him. the crash involved just their car. the explosion that happened after the impact. others say that the porsche was beating at the time. >> this is an incredible story that you have to here. a man found alive after his boat sank, trapping him underwater. artie deiters before the dust below the surface, he survived for nearly three days. we're getting a look at the video that shows how it all happened. >> this is the view from the diverse camera. i'm on the main deck. chevrone sinking of a oil boat, they never thought they would find survivors. watch as they turned the corner in the water. >> we should be looking on the ceiling? >> look closely. >> he is alive. pocket under air his boat, and he stayed there in the four square-foot air bubble for nearly three days alone. no food, no water, only darkness. >> just keep them there, keep him calm. --11 colleagues down drowned, and he could only -- as the boat sank. , as the divers gave him air, and lifted him to safety. >> after he was rescue
Search Results 0 to 2 of about 3